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Dr. Paul M. Torrens, Center for Urban Science + Progress, New York University

Motion controllers for robotic agents

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Project overview

I have been working with students in the Geosimulation Research Laboratory to develop an extension of our agent AI platform that will control robotic agents with the same efficiencies that it offers in driving software agents in our simulations. We have recently picked-up an interest in the sensor systems for Lego Mindstorms NXT, and we developed an extension of our Kinect-based control system that will allow direct manipulation of robot motion via gesturing.

Cheng Fu, a Research Assistant in the Lab, has been pioneering the implementation of this work, and he has compiled a video demonstration with his colleague Kotaro Hara from Computer Science, as part of their coursework in the Human Computer Interaction Lab.

Gesture control of robots (you will need the Adobe Flash Player plug-in for your browser to view this movie)
Eye candy
(Print-quality versions of these graphics are available upon request)

GIS control of robots via Kinect

Our lego-based robot, with NXT CPU core and a variety of tactile, IR, RGB, and ultrasonic sensors.


GIS control of robots via Kinect

Paired actuators syncronize and effect the robot's motion.


GIS control of robots via Kinect

The NXT CPU core can communicate wirelessly with our Kinect control system, via Bluetooth.

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