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Dr. Paul M. Torrens, Center for Urban Science + Progress, New York University

High-performance computing with data and network acceleration

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Project overview

In partnership with the Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (MAX) and their GigaPop Network, we will be developing new methods for geosimulation-based applications that have simultaneously high demands for computing, data exchange, and networking. This relates, in large part, to our recent move to massively dynamic models and analayses that require both large (and continuously evolving and contextualizing) data-sets, and large solution-spaces. The work is funded by the National Science Foundation through their Advanced Cyberinfrastructure (ACI) division, and follow previous funding from the NSF for our work with Princeton and USC on accelerated computing for agent-based models.

high performance comouting and networking cyberinfrastructure for geosimulation
Related groups
Mid-Atlantic Crossroads (MAX)


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